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    • Courteousness of dispatcher 2
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    • Overpriced 14
    • Poor customer service 10
    • Being massively overcharged 8

Water was dripping in the garage from the ceiling. It took less than 1.5 hours to repair the leak and was charged over 500.00 dollars to repair. That sucks. Add comment

I was shocked to learn that Roto Rooter in the mid cities in the Ft. Worth Texas charges about $198.00 per hour. This charge was made after problem was attempted to be solved. Had I known their rate I would never had them stay. The office says they have been in business for 60 years and would not make any adjustments. At that rate I guess I would stay in this lucrative business too. They wanted $675 to pick up a shovel to dig around to find the french drain pipe clog. Did not have him do any more but I had to pay for 2 hours of his time. Read more

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Paid $300 for a 15 minute repair. And the nerve of the tech to ask my husband for help hold the shower replacement part so he can grab a tool. I think that they are way overpriced. The part that was needed the tech had to go to my local lowes to buy it. I asked how much the part was he said 15.00 and tax. Add comment

Not a customer but wife of a worker there and pissed of because they only call him out to do all the work they have said they wil hire more people and till this day they havent. Is it safe for a worker to be in a crawl spot by himself no!!!!. Is ot safe for him to get called out at night and come home at 3 am and have tonget back up at 5 because the boss wants him there at 7 nooo. Get more workers and be fair. Pay them what they deserve a d get more people. They just want to make alot of money!! Read more

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I could write a novel on the lying, cheating, overpriced Roto-Rooter experiences I've had over the last few weeks, but I'll leave it at NOT call this company unless you enjoy being ripped off, straight up lied to (I have their double talk on video from the last visit!), and not having your problem fixed, but instead want more and worse problems than you started with, and an empty wallet! And yet they want to charge me another $420 just to get a cd of the camera work I already paid for. The reason for such an exhorbitant charge just... Read more

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It's not what you know but who you know what *** me off working here... You clearly see , the one that kisses *** gets all the job and credits to do so... I been working so long and I wanted to move up so bad and doesn't get a chance . Add comment

In March, we called Roto Rooter for a backed up toilet. I called @ 7:50 p.m..2 hours and 45 minutes later they arrived. During the wait, I drained, and removed the toilet from the floor. The "tech." came in, ran a snake from the toilet to the clean out pipe, ( 38 ft. ), said that should take care of it, and charged $450.00. My wife and I were outraged at the cost, and he told us that because I did the work of removing the toilet, if I agreed to put it back together he'd knock off $100.00. I agreed, and paid the man. Two nights' later however,... Read more

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Called Roto Rooter for bathtub drain that was sluggish. I couldn't be there during service call, but my adult son was. Charged $311.00 including tax for 30 minutes of time. I spoke with an administrator who said this was the going rate for one drain cleaning. I asked why prices aren't on their website. I was told that they didn't advertise prices. Well, yeah. For obvious reasons. Prior to this I had used company often for a number of concerns and was very pleased with the service and competitive pricing. It's been my experience that once a... Read more

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I had a rotorooter plumber almost cause a four car accident today only to flee the scene! I got his license plate number and obviously gave it to the company but I could tell their customer service could care less about the lives he almost cost. Add comment

I live in the Glen Afton section of Trenton and Roto Rooter refused to come out to the Trenton area, they said they don't come to that area after 4 p.m . But yet on their website it says they are available 24 / 7 365 days for the Trenton area, they lied, false advertisement! I also read an employee's statement, who said once they see your problem they try to get you to pay for things you don't need.....NO THANK YOU ROTO ROOTER Read more

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