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I called roto rooter for my parents that were having a problem with drainage when washing clothes. I was told free estimate to determine problem, service tech did a few things with pipe cleaner and charged two hundred something dollars. Later that day , glad I was there, while we were outside to come in and the whole living room was flooding from hallway toilet, laminate floors , tabled, couches , area rugs all consumed by water. Call company (... Read more

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On May 3, 2016, my plumbing was making bubbling noises when the toilet was flushed. Called Roto Rooter before any major clog occurred. The man arrived soon after the call and cleaned out the main trap. He wasn't here an hour, even though he fussed around a bit tapping pipes and such, then charged me $425.00 for labor. No senior citizen discount mentioned. Just over six months ago the same thing happened and I was charged $280.00. Same company,... Read more

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I was charged $479.which is at least a over charge of $379. for snaking my main line from out side my house. I have come to learn that this service should only be 50.00 to 100.00. I am 71 yrs old & I feel so horrible to learn that I was cheated. I would like someone to contact me for a adjustment to my charge. I am sick to my stomach over this scam. Based on the overcharge this person makes more than our Pres. ObamaPlease have someone contact... Read more

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After I placed a load of laundry in my washing machine, I found my laundry room flooded and water pouring out into other areas of my house. I called Roto-Rooter at 10pm, only to be told "someone can be out there between 10:30pm and 2:30am." When I repeated back what the dispatcher said, he offered to send some at 8:00 instead. Like that really helps when your house is flooded for someone to come at 2am or worse 8am to fix the problem. When the... Read more

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Very disappointed. Tech arrived at 1:30 to replace sump pump due to a recent flooded basement. Replaced sump pump in less than an hour and a half. He did add extra holes to the well. Parts were 272.56, and labor was 402.44. Over 201.00 per hour????? Ridiculous! Would NEVER recommend!!! Add comment

Water was dripping in the garage from the ceiling. It took less than 1.5 hours to repair the leak and was charged over 500.00 dollars to repair. That sucks. Add comment

I was shocked to learn that Roto Rooter in the mid cities in the Ft. Worth Texas charges about $198.00 per hour. This charge was made after problem was attempted to be solved. Had I known their rate I would never had them stay. The office says they have been in business for 60 years and would not make any adjustments. At that rate I guess I would stay in this lucrative business too. They wanted $675 to pick up a shovel to dig around to find the... Read more

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Paid $300 for a 15 minute repair. And the nerve of the tech to ask my husband for help hold the shower replacement part so he can grab a tool. I think that they are way overpriced. The part that was needed the tech had to go to my local lowes to buy it. I asked how much the part was he said 15.00 and tax. Add comment

Not a customer but wife of a worker there and pissed of because they only call him out to do all the work they have said they wil hire more people and till this day they havent. Is it safe for a worker to be in a crawl spot by himself no!!!!. Is ot safe for him to get called out at night and come home at 3 am and have tonget back up at 5 because the boss wants him there at 7 nooo. Get more workers and be fair. Pay them what they deserve a d get... Read more

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I could write a novel on the lying, cheating, overpriced Roto-Rooter experiences I've had over the last few weeks, but I'll leave it at NOT call this company unless you enjoy being ripped off, straight up lied to (I have their double talk on video from the last visit!), and not having your problem fixed, but instead want more and worse problems than you started with, and an empty wallet! And yet they want to charge me another $420... Read more

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