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Roto Rooter came out on March 2nd and fixed some plumbing issues for me and I thought they were fixed until the problem happened again and when I went down to check the guys work, he had rigged it so it would work temporarily, it cost us $296, thank gosh I had went to their site and printed a $30 off coupon or it would have been $326, anyway they told us that they would come out and fix it so they sent someone like a week or two later and he didn't get to finish fixing it because he said that he was going to have to install all new piping in that section because of what the previous guy had done and he couldn't believe what the other guy had done in the first place and the amount that he charged us for it, the Monday morning that the guy was going to come and finish he called and said that he was going to have to reschedule and that his boss wouldn't let him just fix it that we would have to pay for it, so I requested for the boss to call me but he refused the guy told me so I finally got him talked into rescheduling for Wednesday and the boss said to tell me that they would just take care of it, so on Tuesday night the guy calls to reschedule again and I told him no because I should be ahead of the new customers since my plumbing is still messed up. Also during this time the guy that messed up the plumbing in the first place has been calling and harassing me about the work that he did so I told him not to call me again that it is his fault not mine that this happened.

So finally the boss calls me and says that they have to clean out port o Johns at BMS and said that they could come on Friday so I reluctantly agreed.

So I just got another call from them and they are not wanting to come tomorrow, they are wanting to reschedule again. I can't seem to get anywhere and the only thing I want is what I paid for in the first place!

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I have used this company for years. They have worked for me.

And allowed me to make payment's. They have always been fair. And try to work with me. I am a senior citzen and on fixed income.

Sometimes things go wrong. And I could not have gotten anyone else. Due to having to set up payments.

They are very good people.And I dont know what I would have done. If it wasnt for them.


Forgot to mention that these Roto Rooter guys were out of Johnson City, TN and Bristol, VA!

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