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what a ripoff. we called them, they tighted a water heater element, pushed a reset button. then removed 4 tiles, and removed and reinstalled a shower valve, another plumber had put in upside down. no wall repair. our parts , except solder.

bill was 916.00. what a ripoff, they will never get used by us again.

if you use these crooks, you will pay about 400% too much. by the way, they were there 2 hours, and an hour of that was figuring how to gouge us.

they want more words, ok

i am a project manager for a large multi-family remodeling company. they sure are ***, because i will post this all over the web, and talk bad about them, to every supplier, vendor, sub-contractor, general contractor, and also will include them in all my bad reviews, etc. good-bye

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I'm in the buisness and I find this price I read most of these reviews I'm finding a common denominator.

.. customers continue to compare a large company such as mr.rooter/roto rooter/rapid rooter to a small company I.e. chuck in the truck... you can't compare a small ccompany that runs a few guys out of two trucks and has their employees on a 1090 to a large corporation with millions a year in advertising and insurance , over head and operating cost in triple digit millions a year...

if your a project manager then you too are held to a minimal profit margin and surely sell your final product is sold at market value and to compare you to a small investor willing to self finance his product with minimal over head would not be fair either... the difference is you hired a cheaper guy at first. And what you got was a shower valve installed upside down.. you get what you pay for..

now if your technician failed to show you the value in his profession and the work he did for you then that's his fault.. not yours and I could see how you would think its over priced.. remember when it comes to you hiring a contractor .. good, fast, cheap..

but you can only get two of the three.. you decide.. if he's good and cheap. He won't be fast.

(Ask yourself in your job what your time is worth) wouldn't your time be better spent elsewhere? And if he's good and fast is he gonna be cheap? Remember he's spent years fine tuning his career...

So if you want cheap then hire chuck in a truck. Who's work has no warranty.

Or only has a warranty for as long as his little company will be around.

Or only valid during regular business.But after hrs warranty call require a minimum 125.00 cuase its the weekend.

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I was told to replace my bathroom faucet would be 600.00, two days later 828.00, then today 1128.00!!!I found the same faucet online for 228.00!

This Mr.



Boy, sounds like you're a bit bitter.You needed help, they came out to work on your variety of issues and you agreed to have it all done.

Then, after the fact, you complain about the price.

If you're such a high-ranking, important project manager maybe you should have either A) known better than using a franchise or B) had a plumbing contact to hep you out already.Since you didn't I'm assuming you're burned every bridge that you've come across.


are you talking about ROTO-ROOTER or Mr. Rooter???


We want each customer experience to be a good one. Would you like to talk to our corporate office about your experience? If so, please call us at (800) 583-8003. We would be happy to assist you in any way we can.


Mr. Rooter Corporation

to Stacie #600328

This is the person that claimed she talked to me seven months before I was directed to call customer service as per her notes.She must sit there and write fiction because I had NEVER been in contact with her prior to the phone call.

I've watched disgruntled customers hang in the balance on their corporate website waiting days, weeks, and even months to speak to someone with the authority to help them. All they treat people like is a hot potato....They bounce you from person to person or simply tell you they can't help.

In fact, that's what they do when you call....They tell you they can't help you with the owner who treated you poorly or who ignored your requests for any reasonable resolution to a disputed issue.No one is capable of decency within this organization.

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