I've dealt with Roto-Rooter Plumbing three times now with varying degrees of efficiency.

The first time was approximately 7 months ago with a faulty bathroom sink. The gentleman who came was on time, experienced, friendly, and even taught me a thing or two. It was a little expensive, but he got the job done!

With such a pleasant first experience, I decided to call them when we had a problem with our sump pump. The gentleman showed up on time; however, looked at our sump pump and said that it appeared to be working just fine to him. He charged me and walked out of my house within 5 minutes. Needless to say, our basement flooded (not terribly but still...) and our pump had to be replaced the following week.

Lastly, I'm sitting here today.... waiting... and waiting... for someone just to show up. We have been having problems with our water heater for about a week and figured it was time to have someone look at it. I was hoping that my second experience was just a fluke and that they would be as good as the first time I called them for help... but I'm start to doubt that. I called for an appointment yesterday morning and set a time from 1:00-3:00pm yesterday. I even took off work early so that this could get finished. They called around 2:45 and said they were running about 3 hours behind. To make a long story short, they were still running hours behind at 7:00pm last night... so, they told us that they could be at our house first thing in the morning.... between 10:00-12:00... I was a little annoyed but whatever.. it needs fixed.

Anyway, it is currently 2:30pm... my Saturday plans ruined... and them calling every hour saying it is just going to be another hour.

I understand that ours isn't considered an emergency... but at the same time, I wish they would just be honest about how long it is going to be... I've had to cancel two sets of plans as well as taking time off of work just to wait on them. Our original appointment was over 24 hours ago.

I won't be calling them next time.

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