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1 1/2yrs ago: toilet backing up, called some random plumbing company with reasonable prices to deal with it. The man came with shoddy equipment, snaking for two hours accomplishing nothing.

$140 for nothing.

Next, we call Roto Rooter, tell them about the first guy. They rush right over with a hydro-jet, blast those pipes, and viola! Clear flushing toilets! They now have our trust!

Fast forward about a year and a half...same problem, obviously roots (both companies said so). We automatically call Roto Rooter.

This time we get a guy reeking of alcohol who drags in the same equipment as the first company from a year and a half ago, snakes for 30 minutes, says it's not going to work, my pipes are collapsed, and maybe we could get our insurance company to pay for the "definitely over $1000" work (says he'll pad the bill and kick us back our deductible) and gives us his cell phone number. No sign of the hydro-jet, which could easily have been attempted in the remaining half-hour we had paid for.

We call and complain. Response? Sure we can come back and try the hydro-jet, but you'll have to pay for another visit. Acccckkkk!

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If it is roots causing the problem I suggest you try Root'n'clean. We thought we had our roots problem fixed and found more closer to the house, under concrete.

Looked online for a fix and found this product.

I am in the process of using it and my drain started running better after the first treatment. We bought it online at a great price


Follow-up to above complaint: Think we stepped on "pickled" toes when we complained to Roto-rooter about their reeking employee...they have stood us up repeatedly for two weeks, saying a crew will be sent, but no one shows up.

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