Customer Charged $986.00 for the following

1. Fix the guts of one toilet

2. Remove a pedestal sink and slide in a new vanity completed assembled. Roto Rooter only had to attach the faucet and plumbing. Plumbing left incomplete, because of a simple overflow drain.....that means the second hole in the sink at the top was missing a pipe. The plumber still could have completed the job and my family knows not to overflow the sink. He left the job incomplete and charged me $986.00

Customer has stopped payment on the check for excessive charge and contacted an Atlanta Georgia Attorney. Customer is willing to pay the correct amount which is far less than $986.00.

****Additional Research from Google.com shows the following complaints about Roto Rooter.

Thirty-eight Homeowners Challenge Roto-Rooter's Sales Practices

Thirty-eight homeowners filed a lawsuit in Hennepin County, alleging that Roto-Rooter systematically pressured them into expensive and unnecessary excavation and sewer line replacement.

According to the Complaint, Roto-Rooter deliberately misrepresented the nature of its customers' plumbing problems, conveying that the homeowners had far more extensive plumbing problems than actually existed. As a result, Roto-Rooter charged homeowners between $3,500 and $17,000 for these unnecessary repairs. The lawsuit asks the court to order Roto-Rooter to stop its deceptive practices and to reimburse homeowners the amounts they paid for all unnecessary repairs.

Homeowners Share a Common Experience

When they contacted Roto-Rooter about plumbing drain problems, Roto-Rooter grossly exaggerated the extent of the necessary repairs. Instead of merely clearing clogs in pipes with a routine cleaning, or otherwise resolving the problem in the most cost efficient manner, Roto-Rooter told the homeowners that the clogged pipes could not be cleared with a routine cleaning. Rather, Roto-Rooter pressured its customers into believing that the solution required an expensive excavation and pipe replacement. The homeowners allege that, at some point in 2009, Roto-Rooter management began requiring its drain technicians to "refer 30% to 50% of all mainline drain cleaning calls to camera techs and excavation estimators whether or not the Roto-Rooter drain cleaning machine could clear the clog from the drain." Roto-Rooter drain technicians were required to sign a document indicating that they understood this requirement. Those who did not meet this requirement were penalized. Drain technicians who conformed to this practice and made these referrals received a bonus payment if an excavation was sold to the homeowner.

The sewer inspector for the City of Minneapolis has confirmed that many of the repairs were unnecessary.

Product or Service Mentioned: Roto Rooter Repair.

Monetary Loss: $986.

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It appears that the metal top to the piece of junk drain assembly is missing. If that part is gone, there is no way to secure the drain to the sink without ruining the cabinet when the faucet is turned on.

The toilet parts may cost a total of $40 if you pay top dollar. Good luck!

Calne, England, United Kingdom #738090

If it's any comfort we have the same type or rip of merchants here in the UK! Tony Foster

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