I made the appointment for 2pm.Told them I needed the pipe replaced from tank to D-box and that I wanted the drain field hydro-jetted.

4 people called to confirm and verify address and that tech was on his way. Tech was late, ok. Everything was open and ready, I had the tank pumped out the day before.

Tech looks at it and says it's an easy fix. He had the large cube van and the trailer with all the hydro-jet equipment.But he said he didn't have the 2 and a half foot piece of pipe and that another division of Roto-rooter would have to come out to do the work and that someone would call me in about 15 minutes.

1 hour later no call. I call dispatch and they didn't show anyone coming. I'm pissed, Roto-rooter sucks.

I called around and got another company to do it for $99.Don't waste your time with this company of idiots.

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