I am a former General Manager of Roto Rooter.. Recently demoted.

I have read your comments and they all happen to be TRUE! Roto Rooter sends Unlicensed plumbers/drain cleaners to work in your homes. They solder pipes and work on Gas pipe. Some of these people have little or no experience in the trades.

They lie when they camera inspect your sewer lines in hopes you'll agree to have it excavated and replaced at thousands of dollars a pop.Yes they are being sued in many different states and class action suites continue to pop up all over the place.

It is my opinion that The CEO is aware that this ship is sinking and has decided its best to stay the course until the company either dissolves or restructures. In any hopes I'm on my way out so it doesn't bother me to say this but Maybe Unionizing is a good idea!

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There is a reason they call you guys paper plumbers. Its been known throughout the industry that your company sends unlicensed people posing as plumbers using the term "Plumbing technicians".

These are usually folks who cant get a job with a REAL Plumbing company or got canned because they cant do the work. It seems there's a Movement in a few states to get you Jack wagons to comply with State codes or go back to snaking drains exclusively.

I know theres Franchises out there that are legit...But the corporate RR folks are the Poster children for how NOT TO run a business.... Their business model is based on frauding their customers and taking advantage of the apprentice program...R.I.P Roto Looter.


He's teling the true roto rooter is a company that rip off hard working people. the guy mike came and said he didn't have to proper tools to fix the tub what plumber doesnt have tools plus he couldn't fix the clog problem. i found out that roto rooter is being sued, website afilled with all types of complaint from all over the states


Hey 'Tell All',

Your story is a JOKE! There are almost 600 branches of Roto Rooter.

A 6th is owned by the corporate franchisor. Almost 500 are owned by small family business who are honet and take pride in their work and serve their communities well.

The corporate branches also have done a grewat job for the people they serve. There are bad apples in every bunch, and IF you really did work for one, it will get straightened out, especially with complaints to HQ, not to posts on an unverified website.

You really sound like a bitter out of work union plumber trying to stir the pot and knock your competition.


Chris is that You ??? you changed your tune since the last time i talked to you LMFAO !!!!!!!

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