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So I'm here in Massachusetts...i always do my research before making any purchases as i own many rental properties. I used Roto-Rooter for a clog and while they were here i asked if i could get an estimate to replace all my old cast iron pipes in my basement as they were leaking sewage into my laundry room.

The guys face lit up and said "Sure Id Love to do that for you".He gave me a price of nearly $4,000 and i said that sounded a Little high. We Negotiated and he said that's the best he could do....But that he could start immediately as it was early in the Morning. I told him that i guess that's why Plumbers make the big bucks. I have read a few reviews on web sites and asked him for his license number first ...

He said they were fully insured and i said "But your a Licensed Plumber?" He then said he'd be right back...he left....didn't charge me for the drain cleaning or anything. To my fellow property owners I'd suggest you try this too you might catch them in a lie and get a free service out of it.

Review about: Roto Rooter Plumbing Service.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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actually your right.. The state board was very specific..That drain cleaners and apprentices should NOT,NOT,NOT be giving estimates.

If asked for an estimate they should say"I'm Not a licensed Plumber we will have to arrange for one to come look at your plumbing issue" However they pay Plumbers 40% of jobs and Apprentices 30% so it makes them more money to allow this to happen .

If you have email records or phone records it would be very helpful to us if you could tell your story on an affidavit? my email is


Yup..Here in Massachusetts. Honestly when the economy was going good we used them all the time....Now its only if we have too.

They are toooo expensive and i know when someones trying to rip me off and i've yet to meet a Roto Plumber who hasn't tried to sell me something i dont need. My husband told me to try to get a freebie by calling him out on being licensed. I spoke to one of the guys who is involved in investigating them and he said "The Mass plumbing law book says a person cannot do the business of plumbing without a license and that includes estimates...advice etc." You can't call in a licensed plumber if you shouldn't be doing estimates in the first place....right?

The guy from Roto Rooter left didn't give me a bill or anything...i got a free drain cleaning so i'm satisfied. Now i just trying to spread the word to my fellow landlords.


Did this happen in Mass? I've meet with a couple of the roto guys and they all seem like their in the dark abotu the plumbing codes and laws.

That was a very smart thing to do. However, anything that happened in your home or property won't be any good for the investigation due to the fact you can't prove he wasn't gonna call in a license plumber for the job. You need to catch them in the act.

Ask after they start bringing in their plumbing tools or faucets out something like that. Still GOOD JOB!!!


Did the tech who was at your home give you his name.He must have introduced himself? We Can check his name against the state license check datbase and tell you who he was and what his status is.

He obviously isnt licensed or he wouldnt have panicked and left the way he did. Id certianly like to know more of what happend as it may be helpful to an ongoing investigation...

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