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Not only did they break pipes and caused internal water damage and mold...they blamed it on the pipes, the weather, etc. They took a simple clogged sink repair and turned it into an $853 repair bill, an insurance claim for downstairs water damages, a week lost.

I could go on but I just want to warn others to avoid Roto will be glad you did.

They called to ask how the work went.

When I told them they hung up and never called back. The second call got transferred to a manager whose voice mail got the story and I asked for a return call but never received one.

Review about: Roto Rooter Repair.

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If your in massachusetts and they did any plumbing work..they may have not been licensed... Please respond with the tech's number and we can let you know if they committed would then be entitled to a refund!


I agree. Actually, years ago, I used to be a Roto Rooter tech in the Boston area.

There was one job where I had to break the cap off the mainline in order to do the job. After I finished the job, I had to replace the cap with a new one. However, unfortunately I did not have the right sized cap on my truck. So what did I do?

I used the cap that almost fit but I stuffed the customer's sock around the cap so it can fit snug. I felt bad doing it but I had other jobs to do and I did not want to go to the store to buy the correct size. Roto Rooter does not pay its technicians well. Well, the customer eventually found out and complained to the main office.

I was questioned of course and had the money I made off that job pulled and it went to the next technician who had to correct the job.

Well anyways, looking back, I had to chuckle a bit. Roto rooter does suck.

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