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Next time do the research and DO NOT call Roto Rooter for help. I had a slow drain in my master bedroom and the liquid drano didn't remedy the problems.

Turns out, the problem wasn't with the plumbing, but with the drain stopper had broken. I could have figured that out if I just spent another 5 more minutes unscrewing 2 bolts. *sigh* In the end, I was charged $150! That's just ridiculous for like 10 minutes worth of work!

And I thought I made a lot of money! Roto Rooter is a big ripoff and would never call them again!

Review about: Roto Rooter Plumbing Service.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Wow what a ***....if it was me I would of charged you 195.00 for those 10 minutes since you seem to KNOW EVERYTHING. He came out there to help, and all you did is ***, and you probably have no idea that out of that 150.00$ for the time he wasted, and the gas he wasted, he only made like 25.00 ***!

Salter Path, North Carolina, United States #241927

Well if the work was done in Massachusetts chk your invoice and then call the company and ask for the techs license number. If he wasn't a licensed plumber you should ask for your money back because what their doing is fraud if he wasn't licensed

to That guy #671757

I don't know about Massachusetts but a license is not needed for drain cleaning in most states. Not all plumbing repairs need to be completed by a master plumber.

A master plumber must supervise the unlicensed plumbers this does not mean that the master must be onsite. A master plumber must draw permits from the city to do work that the city needs to inspect sewer replacement, relocate drain lines, gas water heaters, on and on. You don't draw a permit to replace a washer in a spigot or clean a sewer line and the sewer line replacement can be completed by a unlicensed plumber but the master plumber who drew the permit is the one who is to supervise how ever he wishes, and the city inspector will not let poor workmanship pass. I don't understand where fraud comes into play.

You can get a handy man to do most of your plumbing work done if he knows how but he most likely won't guarantee it for a year. I think that guy is full of poo and needs roto rootered.


Your one of those customers who complain about everything huh? $150 is not that bad.

They have to pay for the cost of sewer machines, cables, work trucks, insurance, tools, repairs on trucks and machines, pay employees (including office help), etc. You'll be the same customer who will blame what ever plumbing company who comes and unstops you drain and the cable breaks your pipe! Even though it broke because you have been pouring liquid drano in you pipes! It eats away the pipes!

I have owned a plumbing company for years, and my friend you are the kind of customer that I have my guys charge extra! Plumbing companys are their to help you when you can't do it yourself.

Not sure if calling the plumbing trade "idiots work" when you can't figure out one of the easiest of plumbing jobs. But then again your under the idea people should do things you can't do for free!


Obviously you are the *** that couldnt figure it out you dummy! If your to *** to take some time to take it apart shame on you . If you *** about a 150$ then you must be pretty hard up you dummy

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