Unbelievable.I had a water valve typically used to turn water off to house non-stop leaking.

I called Roto Rooter. At 9:30 pm, tech comes and informs me I will have to continue to let water leak (meant staying up through the night since very large bucket was collecting water at a rate of emptying every hour). He said the reason was if he used the shut off valve provided by Phila. Water Dept.

and it malfunctions, I could have water flooding my basement. I asked for an estimate - depending on parts - would cost $200-$350. I though the price was outrageous but said fine. Tech comes 9:30 am next next morning.

He flips the PWD valve closed (no problem) and informs my family cost would be $400 AND HE WOUD NOT PROCEED WITHOUT ME SIGNING "HOLD HARMLESS" AGREEMENT. He was installing a 1/2" stem valve for $400! Asked to sign a "HOLD HARMLESS" agreement but their work is guaranteed - how so????????? And on top of that, guy was outright strange and would not give me an estimate as to how long the job might take, refused to say minimum or maximum range.

Before proceeding I went to a different room and called Roto Rooter. They had nothing to say about the strangeness of the person but they sure did stand behind their "HOLD HARMLESS" agreement.

CONCLUSION - I did not give them the job.I just had it completed for $75.

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