When the Rotorooter Salesman came to my house, we had already dug up the pipes in front of my house. Notwithstandign this, he suckered me into believing that the job would be difficult.

He quoted me $650.. Unfortunatley, since it was saturday, I agreed. What a HUGE mistake!!!!

His employee came out and did the entire job in less than two hours. What a rip off!!!!

NEVER hire them again unless you believe that $300 per hour is acceptable...... It was such a huge mistake. This company only looks out for themselves and misleads consumers...

What a total rip off!!!

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Agree with guy above........and your lucky they only charged you 650.00. By the way what *** digs up there own lawn to fix there pipes?

Then when you call for somebody to come out, they are there the same day, on time, and get it done fast enough for you to use your toilet that day, and all you can do is ***. If it were me I would have charged you 1200 for being a ***!


LMAO! Ripoff huh, hmmmmmm?.....So, let's get this straight. You dug up your line believing that you were smart enough to fix it (mistake #1.) You assumed that same service would be cheap (mistake #2.) You assumed that same day service on a weekend we be even cheaper (mistake #3.) You assumed the abortion of a job that you left the poor backhoe operator would be a simple fix (mistake #4.) Clue: Do Roto a favor and don't call them again.

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