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i had roto-rooter out to the house on may 15 2014 for a clogged drain they were 9 hours late i was on the phone with them all day long call after call telling me they would be there in a hour.. finally when they showed up they unclogged the drain or so i thought, i paid 270.00 dollars and that was after the 10% off they gave me for being 9 hours late...

one month later to the day the drain was clogged up again, so i call up and they said we will send a tech out in 2 hours, he was on time but he was the rudest meanest snake in the grass i ever met, first off when he found out that it was a warrn. issue he said well i dont do work unless i am getting paid, i had to call the manager and he had to tell this *** james that he would get paid on the work he would do, this guy was so clueless i wanted to throw him out,, then he tells me i have a really bad pipe issue and that it was my lucky day because he was going to run a camera down my drain and give me a proposal on the cost to fix this pipe... are you ready for this 4800.00 dollars i called the manager who it took forever to get a hold off and went nuts... the next day the third time a new guy came out, he snaked the drain up to 100 ft like i had paid for in the first place and so far everything is ok, but do not do bussiness with these folks they use fear as a way of making money and they are not even plumbers i found this out later, they are just normal guys with a snake and crafty salesmanship to make you think things are worse then what they are to get you to open your wallet and line their pockets...

they are just dudes on commission that dont know more then you or i..... dont walk run from these jokers....

Monetary Loss: $270.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #841199

Your lucky, I was charged $9400 the first time and $9600 the second time. I truly think that these camera things are pre programed with pictures that aren't even your drains.

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